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In this Vietnamese name, the surname is Trương. In accordance with Vietnamese custom, this person should be referred to lớn by the given name.

Trương Anh Ngọc

Trương Anh Ngọc at Casa Italia, Hanoi in November 2017


Trương Anh Ngọc

January 19, 1976 (age 47)

Hanoi, North Vietnam

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Other namesAnh Thư, Thư Anh
Alma materVNU University of Social Sciences and Humanities
Nanyang Technological University
  • International reporter
  • Sports editor
  • Football commentator
  • Writer
Years active1998–present
Organization(s)Hanoi Radio Television (1998–2002),
Vietnam News Agency (2002–present)
Notable workNước Ý, mẩu truyện tình của tôi (2012)
Phút 90++ (2013)
Nghìn ngày nước Ý, ngàn ngày yêu (2017)
Hẹn hò với Paris (2018)
Đi khi tớ còn trẻ (2022)

Nguyễn Thanh Thủy

(m. 2002)

ChildrenTrương Anh Thư (born 2003)
WebsiteTrương Anh Ngọc on Facebook

Trương Anh Ngọc (born January 19, 1976) is a Vietnamese international news reporter, sports reporter, football commentator, writer and journalist. Anh Ngọc is known as one of the top sports reporters in Vietnam, especially about football and especially Italian football. In addition, he is also famous as one of the favorite commentators through many tournaments and as a reporter covering major domestic and international sports events.[1] Since 2010, he is the first and only Vietnamese reporter to lớn be invited by the prestigious magazine France Football to lớn vote for the Ballon d'Or title.[2][3]

Besides being a sports reporter, Anh Ngoc's main job is an international news reporter. He was the head of the permanent office of Vietnam News Agency in Italy in the period 2007–2010[4] and 2013–2016.[5] During the period 2010–2013 and năm 2016 up to lớn now, he has also worked as an editor and then as editorial secretary for the Thể thao & Văn hóa newspaper, in addition, he is also a collaborator of many television stations and many major newspapers and magazines. Since February 2011, he owns a separate column in the newspaper Thể thao & Văn hóa called Anh Ngọc & Calcio,[6] followed by a weekly show of the same name from September 2012 on the system of Tổng Công ty Truyền hình Cáp Việt Nam [vi] (VTVCab).[5] He is also the one who launched the movement "Cheerful football with culture" in the Vietnamese football community in early 2013. From 2018, he returned to lớn work as a commentator for Serie A on TV channel FPT.

Besides being a reporter, Anh Ngoc has also released autobiographical books about his journey of discovery and work. The first book Nước Ý, mẩu truyện tình của tôi was released in May 2012 to lớn very positive reviews from fans.[7] Subsequent autographs Phút 90++ (2013),[8][9] Nghìn ngày nước Ý, ngàn ngày yêu (2017),[10] Hẹn hò với Paris (2018) and Đi khi tớ còn trẻ (2022) all have a certain amount of success.

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